Aligning Teeth Without Disrupting Your Lifestyle

Length of treatment, budget, appearance, desired outcome – there are many factors that go into deciding on a treatment plan to straighten your teeth. One factor I think is important but is often overlooked is lifestyle.

People are busier than ever, both adults with busy work and home schedules and teens who are busy with school, sports, and other activities. For anyone who’s a good candidate for the treatment and who has a busy lifestyle, I include Invisalign as a treatment choice.   Unlike traditional braces which are comprised of metal brackets bonded to the teeth and linked together with a wire, Invisalign treatment consists of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners.

If you’re a busy person and are considering orthodontic treatment, here are some things to consider about Invisalign.

Why Invisalign Is a Great Fit for a Busy Lifestyle

Fewer scheduled check-ups. Patients with traditional metal braces come in every six to ten weeks for a check-up, but patients with Invisalign typically go ten to fifteen weeks between check-ups. This means fewer appointments to try to fit into your busy schedule.

Fewer last-minute visits. Loose brackets and uncomfortable poking wires are two common reasons for patients with traditional braces have to make last-minute visits to the orthodontist. With Invisalign, it’s rare for a patient to have to make a schedule-disrupting emergency appointment, as aligners don’t present the same problems. Again, this is great for a busy lifestyle.

Easier maintenance. No matter what kind of braces you choose, you need to keep everything clean and in good shape. Brushing and flossing with traditional braces can be time-consuming, requiring extra care to get in between teeth and making sure brackets and wires stay clean. But with Invisalign, aligners are taken out for brushing and flossing (as well as eating). This means you can brush and floss like normal, saving time every day.

Who’s a Good Fit for Invisalign – and Who’s Not

Invisalign is a great fit for adults and teens who have a packed schedule, for the reasons discussed above. Clear aligners are simple to maintain at home and require fewer visits to the orthodontist, making them easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. Invisalign is also a great choice for anyone who wants to straighten his or her teeth but want something more discreet than metal braces.

But Invisalign isn’t for everyone. First, there are some orthodontic cases that require more intervention. With complicated cases, Invisalign may not be up to the task, and traditional braces are actually the better choice. This is something for your orthodontist to determine.

I also tell people not to get Invisalign if they’re not going to wear the aligners. It sounds crazy to think that someone would spend the time and money on starting treatment and then not wear their aligners, but it does happen. Aligners need to be worn twenty-two hours a day in order to work, so be honest with yourself. If you know you’re not going to make the commitment, then Invisalign is not a good fit for you.

Finding the Right Option for You

The past few decades have seen an unprecedented amount of advancement and innovation in the field of orthodontics, which means more choices for you. If you’re unhappy with your smile and have been thinking about straightening your teeth, make an appointment with an orthodontist to discuss your options. Your dream smile is waiting for you, so go ahead and take that first step.


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