Best Foods To Eat With Braces!

Check out these delicious and healthy recipes for the entire family!

It’s no secret that getting braces will inevitably alter some of your eating habits—but that doesn’t mean all your favorite snacks and wintertime treats are off the table! You want to take care of your teeth while wearing braces to ensure that upon removal you have white, shiny teeth. While having braces may force you to temporarily switch up some indulgences, you will hardly notice the difference once the adjustment period is over. However, there are some certain things to keep in mind:

  • If you have brackets, biting into hard or sticky candies, apples, or corn on the cob can pose issues for obvious reasons. A bracket may break or a wire can become loose which can delay the process of achieving your straight smile.
  • If you choose an Invisalign treatment, snacking throughout the day is not always feasible since you need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day in order to be effective. Also, drinking colored liquids such as soda, coffee or wine can stain the otherwise clear aligners.

Despite adjusting to new eating habits, a beautiful smile has the power to transform your life. While I wore Invisalign, I quickly learned that it was impossible to chew gum while wearing my aligners. But I adapted and realized it was only a minor drawback to the healthy, straight smile I was receiving!

Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes to enjoy during the cold, winter months that are great for individuals wearing braces and delicious for the entire family!

If you’re anything like me, your mornings are extremely hectic and you are doing everything you can to get out the door and drive to the office! Finding time to make a healthy breakfast can seem like an impossible task—and if you have braces, grabbing a crunchy granola bar off the pantry shelf may not be the best option. A smoothie is a great alternative. My personal favorite is this coffee smoothie because it gives me an added boost of caffeine, is quick to throw together, and I can easily take it with me on the road in the morning!

I’m a big fan of soup during the winter, and it’s a great dinner for individuals wearing braces! One of my favorites is this creamy tomato soup with pesto gremolata. It’s not only yummy, but healthy and takes just under an hour to make!

Wearing braces or Invisalign does not need to permanently change your eating habits. You simply need to be mindful of the decisions you are making to ensure you are protecting your teeth. With delicious, healthy recipes like the ones I mentioned above, making the switch to such foods is effortless. Most of the time, your healthy choices stick with you even after ending orthodontic treatment, leading to a happier, healthier overall lifestyle!


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