Celebrate National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day, so today I want to do something different and focus on our four-legged furbabies. The US is a nation of dog lovers, with more than one in three households in the US having a dog, and they deserve celebrating!   Having a Dog is Good for You Did you […]

Science Shows Smiling Increases Health and Happiness

Want to know how to increase your health and happiness? I’ll tell you. It’s not difficult. It’s not time-consuming. It’s not expensive – in fact, it’s free! It’s smiling!   Physiology and Emotion That’s right, the simple act of smiling has been shown to boost your mood. This is due to the interaction between physiology […]

Summer Snacks for Your Smile

Many snacks are loaded with sugar and fermentable carbohydrates that are terrible for your teeth, but snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you. In fact, there are some snacks that are actually good for your smile! The following foods have qualities and nutrients that boost oral health and are perfect for summer.   String […]

Done With Braces, Now What?

Congratulations! Your braces have been removed and your teeth are freshly polished. You have finished your orthodontic treatment and your glowing grin is the prize. But now that you’ve said goodbye to rubber bands, metal brackets, and floss threaders, what’s next?  You have finished months of treatment to gain a beautiful smile, so you want […]

Reasons To Smile This Season

Reasons To Smile This Season

Smiling has a plethora of benefits, which is one of the main reasons I believe a smile can truly change your life! The confidence you get from a beautiful smile is priceless and worth every minute of your orthodontic journey. As if you needed reasons to smile, I’ve included my top picks for you! Smiling […]

life with braces

Life With Braces

A large part of getting braces is understanding what life with braces will be like—after all, you may be on your orthodontic journey for anywhere from twelve to twenty-four months. Knowing what to expect is a key step in getting the smile of your life. When you first get braces, there will definitely be an […]

confident with braces

Braces Can Boost Confidence!

Your smile is a direct representation of your personality—it allows you to build the confidence you need to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. I wanted to take this opportunity to relate how orthodontics has the power to truly change your life and boost your confidence. Before getting braces myself as an adult, I […]